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in●g's chamber, was engaged to Margaret, one■ of Anne's maids of honor, and consequent●ly was often in the queen's apartments. ●Slanderous tongues affirmed that he went mor●e for the sake of his sovereign than for his be■trothed. The queen hearing o■f it, and desiring to stop the scandal, det■ermined to bind Norris to ma■rry Margaret. 'Why do you not go on with your ma●rriage?' she asked him. 'I desire to■ wait a little longer,' answer

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ed the gentlem●an. Anne, with the intent of mak■ing him understand that there w■ere serious reasons for not p■utting it off any longer, added: 'It is said at● court that you are waiting for● a dead man's shoes, and that if any misfortu■ne {134} befell the king, you would look t●o have me for your wife.'[293] 'God f●orbid!' exclaimed Norris, in alarm;■ 'if I had such an idea, it would be m●y destruction.' 'Mind what you are about,●'

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resumed the queen, with severity. Norris, in ●great emotion, went immediately to A■nne Boleyn's almoner. 'The queen i●s a virtuous woman,' he said; 'I am ■willing to affirm it upon oath.'[294] This wa■s the second count in the indictme●nt. Sir Francis Weston, a bold frivolous ma■n, was (although married) very attentive to a yo■ung lady of the court, a relative of■ the queen. 'Sir Francis,' said Anne, ■who was distressed

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at his beh■avior, 'you love Mistress Skelton, and ne●glect your wife.' 'Madam,' answered the auda■cious courtier, 'there is one ●person in your house whom I love bette■r than both.' 'And who is that?'● said the queen. 'Yourself,' an●swered Weston. Offended by such insolence, Ann●e ordered him, with scorn and■ displeasure, to leave her pre●sence.[295] This was the thir●d count of the indictment. Lord Roche

f■ord, a man of noble and chivalr●ous character, indignant at the calumnies which ●were beginning to circulate against his sister,■ endeavored to avert the st

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23 May

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strangers ●to the family. The infamous L●ady Rocheford made use of this innocent■ circumstance to accuse her husband and s●ister-in-law of an abominable crim●e. Such are the four charges that wer■e to cost An

18 Aug

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ne Boleyn her life. Futile● observations, malicious remarks {1●35} to which persons are exposed ●in the world, and especially at court●, reached the ears of the ki●ng, and inspired him with jeal■ousy, reproa

31 Dec

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ches, angry words, and coldne■ss. There was no more happiness for Anne■. There was enough in these stories to ■induce Henry VIII. to reject his second w■ife, and take a third. This prince—and ■it was the case

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, and wh●en any person had vexed him, he w■as not appeased until he had got rid of him.● Common-s


ense generally appreciates a

t ■their true worth such stories as those we

hav●e reported; but the characters now on th?/p>

鰁 stage were more irritable than those u■sually to be

found in the world. 'A temp●est,' says Lord Herbert o

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